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Discover the latest fishing reports and insights from Slabbin Mike's Crappie Fishing and Guide Service, your trusted source for fishing adventures in Oklahoma's scenic lakes. Stay informed and make the most out of your fishing trips with our comprehensive fishing reports, providing valuable information on fish species, fishing spots, and more. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a beginner looking for expert guidance, our fishing reports are your key to a successful and rewarding fishing experience.

We frequently receive inquiries from anglers seeking information and guidance for their upcoming fishing trips. What fish are biting on Oologah Lake? What is the size limit for crappie on Oologah Lake? What is the water temperature in Lake Oologah? Walleye are in their biting phase, particularly fond of crankbaits around the flats. Largemouth bass may be a bit slow, but they can still be enticed with jigs and worms, especially around the main lake and points. For an exhilarating catfish adventure, head to the rocks, shallows, and shorelines where blue, channel, and flathead catfish are eagerly waiting. Keep in mind that there is a combined bag limit of 37 white or black crappie, and no size limit applies. As you prepare for your fishing trip, note that Oologah Lake's water temperature is currently a pleasant 80°F. However, thunderstorms are expected today, with a high temperature of around 95°F and a low temperature of approximately 67°F. Stay prepared, adapt to changing weather conditions, and enjoy a remarkable fishing experience!

Slabbin Mike's Crappie Fishing and Guide Service offers competitive rates for their exceptional fishing experiences on Oologah Lake. Rates may vary based on the type of trip chosen, such as a five-hour fishing trip or the exhilarating "Tap Out Crappie Trip" for those seeking a full-day adventure. Seasonality plays a role in fishing at Oologah Lake, with different fish species exhibiting peak activity during specific times of the year. It's important to consult with Captain Mike Meeks to determine the best season for your target species. In conclusion, fishing in Oologah Lake with Slabbin Mike's Crappie Fishing and Guide Service promises unforgettable moments, personalized service, and the opportunity to reel in impressive catches. Don't miss out on the excitement and book your fishing trip today!

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